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You save money by buying multiple tickets, or using a Navigo transit pass, on Paris's Métro, city buses, RER suburban trains, and SNCF Transilien trains, funiculars and trams.
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To ride the Paris Métro, city buses, trams, RER trains, SNCF trains, funiculars and other forms of Paris transport, you need a titre de transport (a ticket or transit pass).

Métro Tickets: ticket t+

A single Métro ticket, called ticket t+, on sale in most but not all Métro stations and valid on all Métro (underground train) lines, city bus lines, funiculars and trams, costs 1.80€ at the tarif normal (normal fare), but if you ask for un carnet (unh kahr-NEY, a booklet) you will get ten (loose) tickets for 14.10€, dropping the price per ticket by 20% to 1.41€.

  ticket t+, Paris, France
  The iconic ticket t+

(A carnet of tickets for children 4 to 10 years of age costs only 7.05€.)

Each ticket entitles you to one ride on the Métro or tram. On city buses, you can use the ticket on one bus, then within 90 minutes for a transfer to another bus line.

(You can buy a ticket for cash right on any RATP city bus, but it costs 2 and cannot be used for a transfer to another bus.)

The Good Old Carnet

For most short-term visitors, un carnet of tickets usually makes the most sense, but if you're staying for a few days, you may benefit from a different titre de transport, a multi-day ticket or transit pass (see below).

Protect It!

The ticket t+, Mobilis and Paris Visite tickets have a narrow magnetic strip on the back that holds data on the ticket's validity. If this data is corrupted, your ticket will not work. Corruption can be caused by putting the ticket near a mobile phone or any other device with magnetic influence. Keep your ticket away from electronic gizmos, batteries, etc.

If the ticket fails to work within the period of its validity, take it to a ticket agent and ask for a replacement ticket.

Buy Tickets in Advance!

If you see a sign like this at a station entrance...

Sign in Paris Metro, France
"Access for passengers with tickets only..."

Accès réservé aux voyageurs munis de billets" means "Access is restricted to passengers who already have tickets."No tickets are sold at this entrance. You must already have a ticket to enter the system here.

"Accès principal..." tells you where the main station entrance is. You can buy tickets there and enter.

Mobilis 1-Day Unlimited Ticket

The Mobilis 1-day ticket permits unlimited travel on all modes (SNCF, RER & Métro trains, city buses and trams) within the zones you choose: 7 for Zones 1 & 2, 9.30 for Zones 1 through 3, 16.60 for Zones 1 through 5.

The 1-day Mobilis saves you money if you fly into a Paris airport, buy a Mobilis good for Zones 1 through 5, use it to travel from the airport into the city, and use it for at least four rides in the city on that day.

Paris Visite Transit Passes

The Paris Visite ticket entitles you to unlimited travel on most modes of travel in central Paris for 1, 2, 3 or 5 days, as well as substantial discounts at several Paris museums and attractions, but you must do a good amount of planning and calculating to determine if it makes economic sense for you. More...

For stays of five days or more when you plan to use public transport most days,or when you're traveling to or from the airport, the weekly Navigo Découverte transit pass can lower your Paris transport costs substantially, and add a big measure of convenience to your city travel. More...

(If you've visited Paris before, you may remember the Carte Orange transit pass. The Carte Orange has been discontinued, and replaced by the Navigo.)

Speaking of tickets, there are a few situations in which you can encounter big problems when moving from the Métro system to the RER suburban train system. Here are the details.

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Navigo Decouverte transit pass, Paris, France

Navigo Découverte transit pass,
Paris, France. Note the computer chip (puce, "flea, bug") below the word "DECOUVERTE" in the lower photo.


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