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On your trip to France you'll benefit from one of Europe's best public transport systems: train, plane, bus, ferryboat and car.



France's SNCF (Société Nationale des Chemins de fer Français, French National Railways Company) operates a superb route system of Paris-region trains, TER regional trains, Intercités cross-country trains, and TGV national high-speed trains.

Eurostar trains connect London, England with Calais, Lille and Paris in France, and Brussels in Belgium via the Channel Tunnel beneath the English Channel (Manche), and other rail systems speed you to the rest of Western and Central Europe. More...

You will probably go by train several times on your trip to France. It's important to learn about the huge system in advance. More...


Major French cities are also connected by various airlines, of which Air France is the most prominent, but certainly not the only one. Air Inter and other national and regional airlines provide air transport as well. More...

Ship & Ferry

Frequent English Channel ferries connect ports in southern England and Ireland with French ports in Normandy and Brittany. More...


City, local and regional bus systems provide useful transport within cities and basic transport to smaller towns and some villages in France.

Eurolines and regional bus companies operate bus routes throughout France and to neighboring countries. More...


Car hire/rental is an attractive option. Every airport, train station and major seaport in France has one or more car rental agencies close by. The one place we don't recommend renting a car is Paris or its airports. More...

Paris Transport

Here's information about transport in Paris.

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TGV Train, Paris, France

Above, TGV locomotive in Paris.

Below, Aéroport Charles de Gaulle.

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